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Viviana Williams

Welcome to our website.

I was born in the heart of beautiful Rome.

From a very young age I used to spend all my pocket money on crafts, paints and anything I could put my hands on. I was a very creative child and always loved spending my time giving new shape to ordinary things.
Even though I have done many interesting jobs it was not what I wanted to do.

One day I was given the opportunity to work for a big clothing company where I learned how to use graphic programs, layouts and a lot more.

I had finally started to do what I liked.
Within a few years I decided to move to London and worked in different stores. I then made the decision to open my first Etsy Shop (InkOnPaperDesign)and after few months I have started to build my own web site.
I am
 a single mum and we live just outside London, it is very green around here and we love to go for long walks with our dog.

I also loved stationery and I am so happy that I do, it brings me joy and Journaling is what makes me feel better during a dark day or makes me feel even better on a sunny day.

Thank you for taking the time to know more about our website.



Vintage, retro, modern, postal or Japanese ...  be assured

you will find plenty of supplies

for your journaling.

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